Wednesday, February 19, 2014

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - "You got superheroes in my FIREFLY!"

Can we all agree that the existence of this film, a movie that represents MARVEL throwing over one hundred million dollars at the director of SLITHER and SUPER to create a sci-fi adventure movie, makes DC/Warner's refusal to pull the trigger on a WONDER WOMAN movie absolutely embarrassing?

Because this trailer is completely insane, and just does not care.

Quick thing - this poster is genius.

And the actual trailer embed:

So first observation, giving a to-the-camera rundown of the characters (who even most comic-conscious audiences won't have much - if any - working knowledge of) is pretty brilliant, especially given the fully comedic tone.

Second observation, if you want proof that Joss Whedon's fingers are going to be in pretty much every MARVEL pie going forward, look no further. As Scott Kurtz so succinctly put, "Think FIREFLY, only Jayne is a racoon."

But in spite of the gamble involved in a no-name director with a cast devoid of bankable stars tasked with getting a movie-going public to give a damn about this space opera nuttiness, MARVEL is actually being very smart here. The days of superheroes dominating the box office won't last forever, anymore than they did for the westerns or historical epics that came before. MARVEL knows this, which is part of why they've been so determined to avoid the "guy in tights fights a bad guy on a bridge" template with their films. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY represents what will hopefully be the first of many leaps across genre lines.

On a personal note, I may be an easy mark for this sort of thing to begin with (yes, I absolutely am), but the way the film is approaching Peter Quill/Star-Lord as an 80's kid catapulted into space, with a Walkman as seemingly his only piece of home? Yeah, this film couldn't be wooing me any harder if they sent me a personalized pizza delivered by robot car ninjas.

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