Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About Those Interesting Developments. . .

In a rather sudden turn of events, I'm a semi-legitimate contributer to entertainment web site Whatculture.com. My debut article "After The Dark Knight Rises and Harry Potter, What's Next For Warner Bros?" can be read HERE. It's exactly what it sounds like - post-franchise profit pontification (yes, I like alliteration).

So how'd that happen?

Basically, they were accepting open applications for contributers to the site. I filled one out, threw them a sample article that I more or less thought up on the spot (yeah, I'll actually brag a little bit about that one), and to my utter surprise got an acceptance e-mail a short while later with a notice that my article was live. I guess sometimes it really is that simple, and while this is hardly the way I imagined I'd ever get published (there were usually more chorus dancers and guest appearances by celebrities involved), it's quite nice to feel every-so-slightly more legitimate as a writer.

In terms of future material, I'll be linking from this blog to any new articles of mine that get published - some will likely be puff pieces that I just write for the heck of it ("5 Reasons Why X is Better Than Y" - crap like that), but I'll also try my hand at a few of my more in-depth ideas from the back drawer and see how well they go over. At the moment, this sorta-kinda official columnist gig is nothing like a profession (and nowhere near professional, though I'll make a game effort at pretending), however it does get some part of my pedal extremity into something roughly door-shaped, so I'll take that as a good thing.

I certainly don't intend to let this blog go to seed however - after all, aside from having a couple works-in-progress to finish, I kinda like having somewhere to write where I don't have to submit things to an editor or cater towards various hot topics of the week. But this is at least a head's up since I'll likely be putting up a good many more links to this particular site in the future.

So until next time. . . well thanks for reading.

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