Monday, September 10, 2012

Final Check-In - A Library Action Thriller!

A good friend of mine had the crazy idea - sprung from her job - to create a trailer for a mythical action movie set in a library, full of homages to junk Hollywood action flicks as well as filled with librarian in-jokes and settings. This was shot in a couple of days, guerrilla-style with limited equipment, make-shift locations, and no budget whatsoever. It's rather amusing.

And not just because I play a hulking henchman in it.

The thing was posted on YouTube, and can be viewed here in embedded form, or on the web site of the director/cameraman, Dennis Spielman, along with an early trailer with unused footage, some production stills, a blooper reel, and details on the shoot.

Memo to self - polo shirts make you look even fatter. Avoid in the future.

Additional memo to self, work that "holding someone up by their neck" bit into future projects, because it's actually safe and manageable. And more fun than it probably should be.

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